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Most of our work comes from personal referrals – clients are happy to recommend our caring support, our effective treatments & our results.

Whether it is Sports Hypnosis for performance improvement, ongoing Weight Loss issues, chronic Anxiety, help for Exam Nerves or even building Confidence and motivation to change direction, our unique and multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach to supporting our clients is very effective. We help our clients to understand the thoughts behind feelings and behaviours as they identify the best way forward.

We use the latest research evidence from the fields of Psychology, Hypnosis, Counselling, NLP and the exciting new field of mindfulness alongside feedback from our clients to keep refining what we offer to our clients. Our aim is to make our programmes as effective as we can so you can focus on enjoying life without the burden of unwanted feelings and habits. It’s great to feel better!

Many hypnotherapists and their clients know the power of hypnosis as a tool for making a real difference. Recent understanding of the way in which we learn, adapt and identify the rules of our life and how hypnosis interacts with these processes within the brain have opened a world of possibilities. Understanding this and applying it to our work has made our hypnosis treatments remarkably effective. It is this difference that is behind our willingness to share our results. When you are struggling,  you want to identify the very best help available and we want to make sure it is clear that this is a unique approach to hypnosis and psychotherapy treatments.

 … and the results speak for themselves!

What our clients wanted to say

  • Working with Jason has been invaluable. I feel so much more confident in myself and more focused and positive about achieving my goals. Being new to hypnosis I was unsure how effective it would actually be, however, I thought I would have a go and I am so pleased I did. I would certainly recommend it."

    Kim (2014) Confidence and Performance
  • Jason has been an incredible help to me at a time of great stress and anxiety. He not only helped reverse my insomnia but has provided me with calming techniques to assist in my everyday life."

    AM (2014) Anxiety and Poor Sleep
  • Having feared spiders all my life, I approached the clinic and after 3 sessions I may not be best buddies with the little creatures but I no longer have a phobia. I have just finished my treatment with Jason and already have done my garden which I couldn’t do before – I never thought I’d see the day, me doing the gardening! I’d say don’t judge hypnotherapy until you’ve tried it, nothing else worked for me...."

    Kate (2014) Spider Phobia
  • I came to Jason looking for an alternative to yo yo dieting and faddy plans. My weight was out of control. The sessions were relaxing and confidential and after just one session I felt I was making better decisions for me and my young family. This programme has changed the way I think and feel about food and I have lost, so far, 18lbs in 3 months – with no dieting... I can’t recommend it enough!”

    Helen (2015) Weight Loss & Confidence
  • I had three sessions of hypnotherapy for anxiety related issues, each of which had a profound impact on me. Jason immediately put me at ease and talked me through each stage. The exercises were relaxing and I found myself walking away from each one feeling less anxious and more positive about the future. It was a very personal experience, unlike several apps I’d downloaded and listened to in the past, and is one I’d highly recommend."

    Gaz (2014) Anxiety
  • Now I can walk with a smile."

    Tony (2014) Depression
  • My Stress would start to build up in me over a period of time and this would come out as a panic attack – mainly this would happen at the weekends. I can’t believe how different I feel after only having 3 appointments."

    Anon (2014) Stress
  • I have found hypnotherapy to be such an effective treatment. Within a matter of 5 weeks and 3 sessions my panic attacks and anxiety have decreased so much I feel like I now have my life back. My only regret is that I did not contact them sooner. Hypnotherapy is the best thing I have done. I am now in control and am enjoying myself."

    Helen (2013) Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • Heartfelt thanks for all your help and support. I feel much happier, and I’m so glad that I took the initially scary step of making that first appointment with you. I am already recommending you to friends & family."

    Louise (2013) Confidence
  • The relief and happiness I felt at being in control again rather than my younger self controlling me! I am now a very happy, positive person, doing much better in work with clear goals that I will reach. I can’t thank Jason enough for what he has done for me. He has helped me put my life back in order. Thank You. All my best."

    C (2010) Anxiety and Depression
  • It felt amazing to be me again, and not be carrying around the burden like before. We were getting to the root of my problems and dealing with them properly – I felt so good about myself as I got to grips with everything and got help with my demons so I could move forward with my life."

    Anon (2010) Confidence, Self-Esteem and Depression
  • I would like to take the time to say a very big THANK YOU to Jason, for the wonderful work he did with me. I would gladly recommend him to my friends and clients, he is totally charming , friendly and professional at all times, who could believe that just a couple of Hypnotherapy sessions with him could solve a problem, I have had, and my wife and family have been putting up with for years."

    D (2009) Driving Phobia
  • My 9 year-old son developed an irrational fear of sleepovers. Incredibly keen as he had been when we booked it, he became more & more anxious as his 4-night Paris school residential trip neared. 2 weeks before the trip, he was crying, had constant tummy ache, feeling sick and unable to eat. He had two sessions with Jason, I sat in on both. By the time of the second session, all his anxiety had disappeared. Five days later, he left for Paris, an unconcerned and excited 9 year old, had an amazing time that I don’t think he would have had without those sessions with Jason."

    SR (2015) Anxiety for Children
  • When I think back to the first time I called Jason, feeling rock bottom, sat in the airport crying… well, it’s hard to believe. Life flows now when it used to be such an effort and I will never go back. The evidence of how much that change has meant for me is in the fantastic relationship I have with my son, the way I feel, the way I act, the way other people see me and even my clients have noticed it! I would recommend this to anyone.”

    Fran March (2015) Depression
  • Working with Jason over the past few weeks has been a really great experience and a real help in such a short space of time. I really can't believe how much of a difference the hypnotherapy has made to how I feel. Thank you for everything."

    Mel (2014) Fertility
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Results of our JAN 2015 CLIENT SURVEY

  • 98% of clients reported their work with us was VALUE FOR MONEY

  • 95% of clients said they would RECOMMEND OUR TREATMENT to a work colleague or family member.

  • 91% of our Stop Smoking Respondents reported STILL NOT SMOKING between 3 months & 3 years later.

  • Overall, clients felt the treatment with us was MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than they had expected.

  • The average weight loss experienced by our clients is 8lb/yr following treatment.

  • 86% of clients reported their problem had improved during and since treatment, with 25% reporting that it had completely disappeared.

  • 92% found the treatment ‘as easy’ or ‘easier’ than they had expected, with 38% reporting it was ‘much easier’.

  • 87% found the process ‘as quick’ or ‘quicker’ than they expected.

  • 90% reported their expectations after their consultation were met or exceeded.



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